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1947 北九州市戸畑に生まれる  
1966 福岡県立浮羽高校卒  
1972 セツ・モード・セミナー卒  
1982 メジエールグラス工房開設  
1984 '84 日本ステンドグラス・グランドショウ出展
1985 '85 日本ステンドグラス・グランドショウ 優秀作品大賞受賞  
1986 第25回日本現代工芸美術展 入選  
1987 年鑑日本のグラスアート入選
第1回日本ステンドグラス作家協会展 招待出展(渋谷パルコ)
1988 第2回日本ステンドグラス作家協会 招待出展(横浜サマーナイトフェスティバル)  
1989 名古屋デザイン博 公募ステンドグラス入選  
1990 九州グラスアート展'90 優秀賞受賞  
1991 ワールド・グラス・コングレス1991(米国テキサス州ダラス大会)作品紹介  
1992 ワールド・グラス・コングレス1992(米国ネバダ州リノ大会)作品紹介  
1993 ワールド・グラス・コングレス1993(米国マサチュウセッツ州ボストン大会)作品紹介
マニュファクトリー・ギャラリー九州 初個展
1994 日本ステンドグラス芸術協会作品展 招待出展(横浜市国際会議場)
1995 NHK福岡放送会館にて四人展
宮崎空港ビル アトリウム(Floweronthesunnycoast)製作
1996 赤司広楽園ギャラリーにて個展  
1997 グラスアート・TAKAMI社名変更(旧メジェールグラス工房)
Architectural Glass Art: Form and Technique in Contemporary Glass(英国)
1999 Glass: An Inspirational Portfolio (Artisans)(英国)(黎明の景)作品掲載  
2000 シアトル タコマ インターナショナル エアーポート コンペ参加
サクラメント エアーポート コンペ参加
2002 ギャラリー風にて個展
第1回ステンドグラス展 招待作品「復活・REVIVE」展示
2003 ニューヨーク市文化部[パーセント・フォ・アート]スライド登録
The Percent for Art Program
「2人展」 山形屋デパート/鹿児島
2004 個展 「輝/あかり展」 ギャラリー風にて  
2005 「ICELAND CONFERENCE 2005 / ARCHITECTURAL GLASS ART」(アイスランド)参加 15作品紹介される  

「高見俊雄コンテンポラリー グラスアート展」
「06モノクローム ステンドグラス展」ギャラリーおいしにて


Toshi Takami


1947 Born in Tobata, Kitakyushu, Japan.  
1966 Graduated from Ukiha High School.  
1972 Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar (design school) in Tokyo, Japan.  
1982 Established Mezieres Glass Studio in Fukuoka, Japan.  
1984 Submitted woks to the '84 Japan Stained Glass Grand Show.
Awarded 2nd Prize in the 4th Modern Applied Fine Arts Kyushu Exhibition .
1985 Awarded First Prize for Excellent Work in the '85 Japan Stained Glass Grand Show.  
1986 Selected for the 25th Japan Modern Art Applied Fine Arts Exhibition.  
1987 Selected for the '87 Yearbook of Japanese Glass Art.
Invitational exhibition at the 1st Japan Stained Glass Artist Association's Exhibition(Shibuya Parco, Tokyo, Japan).
1988 Invitational exhibition at the 2nd Japan Stained Glass Artist Association's Exhibition
(Yokohama Summer Night Festival, Japan).
1989 Selected for the Stained Glass Competition at the Nagoya Design Exposition .  
1990 Awarded Excellence Prize in the '90 Kyushu Glass Art Exhibition.  
1991 Introduced works in the '91 World Glass Congress in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.  
1992 Introduced works in the '92 World Glass Congress in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A.  
1993 Introduced works on the '93 World Glass Congress in Boston, Massachusetts , U.S.A.
Held the first solo exhibition at the Manufactory Gallery Kyushu.

Invitational exhibition at the Japan Stained Glass Art Association 's Exhibition
(the Yokohama International Convention Hall).
Completed "Creation =Heaven , Earth" , installed at the entrance lobby of the Nagasaki Denki Bldg. in Nagasaki.

1995 Held the Four Artists' Exhibition at the NHK Fukuoka Broadcasting Hall.
Installed the work, "Flowers on the Sunny Coast" at the atrium of the Miyazaki
Airport building in Miyazaki.
1996 Solo Exhibition at the Akashi Korakuen Gallery in Fukuoka.  

Changed the private studio's name to "Glass Art TAKAMI" from "Mezieres Glass Studio".
Three works at the Miyazaki Airport, the Nagasaki Denki Bldg., and the Kusaba
Residence were featured on Architectural Glass Art Magazine in UK.
Completed the work , "Joy 97", installed on the second floor of the Kokura Court House in Kitakyushu.

1999 Glass An Inspirational Portfolio Magazine(Artisan)(UK) introduced the work, "Dawn".  
2000 Participated in the art competition for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, Washington, USA.
Participated in the art competition for Sacrament Airport, California, USA.

Solo Exhibition at the "Gallery Kaze"in Fukuoka.
Solo Exhibition at the G. A. Tap Gallery in Fukuoka.
Invitational exhibition of the work, "REVIVE", at the First Stained Glass Exhibition
Solo Exhibition at the Miyuki Gallery in Fukuoka.

2003 Slides registration with New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (Percent for Art),
New York, U.S.A.
Held the Two Artists' Exhibition at the Yamakataya Department Store in Kagoshima.
2004 Solo Exhibition, "Brightness (Lamp) Exhibition" at the "Gallery Kaze"in Fukuoka.
2005 Participated "ICELAND CONFERENCE 2005 / ARCHITECTURAL GLASS ART" in Iceland.
15 works were introduced at the conference.
2006 Solo Exhibition, "Toshio Takami Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition" at the Art Gallery,Iwataya Department Store in Fukuoka.
Completed the work, "Melody of Early Spring I, II", exhibited at the entrance lobby of Kyushu National Museum.
Solo Exhibition," Monochrome Stained Grass Exhibition" at the Gallery Oishi in Fukuoka.


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